The Social Awkwardness of Not Having a Partner

In the world of dating and social correctness, individuals who do not have a partner often run into awkward situations in both their personal and work lives.

When men are invited to a wedding, for example, they will nearly always be expected to bring a guest along with them. If they do not currently have a girlfriend or significant other, they will be forced to enjoy the formalities by themselves. This can bequite awkward when it comes to certain activities, espeically in a room where everyone else may be slow dancing with a partner!

While guys can generally fake it for a portion of the night, at other times it will be obvious that they are all alone and perhaps even a little depressed.,/p>

Work functions and outings can also be difficult without a companion. When individuals go to a sporting event or picnic, they will usually be expected to bring a partner. If the event involves only one other couple, then the dreaded third wheel may occur. Men will usually feel quite bad about being dragged from function to function without a romantic interest. This may even begin to wear on their corporate colleagues, especially if they are single for months or even years on end.

Birthdays and anniversaries may also lead to awkward behavior. For example, a birthday bash that involves extended family members from all regions of the country will lead to a number of things. First and foremost, distant relations will want to know why certain individuals have yet to develop a companionship that has blossomed into true love. Dodging such questions can become tiresome, especially if the interrogation process goes on all day.

Escort services, in fact, were developed for just such occasions. Men who are looking for beautiful women to accompany them to certain events need only make their preference known to the agency. For very formal events such as balls and other elegant dances, men can make a grand entrance to the showroom, all the while showing their gorgeous dates off as their significant others. This should allow guys to avoid the awkwardness of arriving at social events by themselves.

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Though many social events are critical to maintaining relationships, some of them are also very stressful. When individuals are called to an anniversary dinner or a best friend’s wedding, they will want to arrive in style. By avoiding the third wheel label, they’ll continue to be invited to important functions.

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