Perceptions of male and female escorts

Male escorts might not be as popular as female ones at 3am on a Friday after a night out but the reality is that they are growing in popularity.

For some reason, it seems woman are more able to talk about sex, escorts and their personal sexual preferences much more freely than males can. Its hard to pinpoint exactly when this liberation of female sexuality came about but it was long before Sex in the City came along so lets not allow any unjust credit to be stolen on that front.

In the same way female sex toys are seen as cool and can almost be talked about in a jovial manner, even in a fairly liberal workplace the male counterpart is still quite a taboo subject. While a single woman living on her own can safely talk of her vibrator a male would not be afforded the same luxury and if it was relieved that he owned a similar product he would most probably be branded a pervert!

While woman can go to a show and watch the Chippendales and its almost viewed as classy men that do to a strip club are still viewed as seedy and strip club fliers often have words like “gentlemen” and “discrete” on them to try and provide a little bit of a smoke and mirrors effect about the service that they offer.

Ultimately, sex and especially men talk about or seeking sex is still, quite often, seen as seedy or the men involved can quite easily be branded as perverts! Because the escort industry is closely linked to prostitution, rightly or wrongly, a certain amount of discretion is encouraged when interacting with escorts and this discretion works two ways.

The clients privacy is of the upmost importance, especially if an escort agency wants to keep them as a repeat customer. The main element of discretion, especially when operating in public sits with the escort. This is why a good escort:

  • Is a master of conversation in any situation
  • Is able to work with a cover story and take on a roll
  • Is able to adopt almost any personal as a personality
  • Looks great at any type of formal/informal/social gathering
  • Makes you feel comfortable
  • Is able to put you at ease the moment you meet.

At Star Escorts Leeds all of our girls are great, they are the best in the game and so good that after spending just a few minutes with one another you are able to create the impression, even to close friends and family, that you have known one another for years or even, have been in a relationship.

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