How the escort professional evolved

When you watch old black and white movies online, you commonly see single men inviting escorts to go with them to black tie events. Interestingly, in the old-fashioned movies, hiring an escort had nothing to do with prostitution. When you look online for the etymology (or origins) of the word “escort,” it says that it was first used in English around 1936.

The original definition of an escort was, “a person accompanying another to a social occasion.” Naturally, for modern Europeans, knowing this origin certainly comes as a shock since escorts today are known for their physical liaisons. If you are interested in how the profession of escorting has changed over the years, stay tuned – if you just want to Book Leeds Escorts – click that link and get out of here!

How escorts began their trade

Prostitution has been illegal in most of Europe for centuries. Despite this, men still want to spend time with women. To create a legal segue, agencies were created to arrange social interaction between males and females. Today, some people may call this the “girlfriend experience” without all of the “extras.” Like many forms of sexuality, no one knows exactly how far back in history this practice can be found. What we do know is that escort agencies are almost always legal and pay taxes.

Regardless, in the early 1900s, escort agencies existed and arranged for men to select a lady for a price. In these early days, women were expected to stay virgins until marriage and all of the escorts limited their activities to a public place. Despite feeding the need of men to spend quality time with women, there was a second layer to the escort services of the early 1900s.

Escorts as social status

In the 1920s and 1930s, one of the primary ways that the upper class entertained was by throwing a club-style party. Lots of illegal liquor flowed and the social elite was torn. On the one hand, women found alcohol drinking vulgar and usually chose to stay home. Alternatively, men of that era often kept separate social lives and painted the town red without their wives. In order to add some female company, women were hired.

Far from the average prostitute, these women were highly skilled in entertainment arts (such as singing, dancing, and music) and cost three to ten times more on average. More than anything, these women were entertaining dancing partners for drunk upper class men and nothing more. At the end of the night, everyone went home and the men were tucked in by their wives. Over time, being able to hire escorts to accompany you on a night out was a status symbol of the elite.

Escorts help single men

In the early 1900s, men who were not married were socially awkward if they attended black tie events alone. Most of the time, the host would insist that admission was dependant on having female accompaniment. As the practice of hiring escorts grew, the reasons that men were hiring them expanded.

While many of these escorts were still being hired for their entertainment talents, the market began to grow in areas where conversation was more appropriate. Instead of spending time dancing or playing piano, one of the main reasons that a man would hire a female escort was to avoid spending time alone. However, inviting an escort with the intentions of having sex did not fully evolve until the 1970s when unmarried women could purchase birth control.

Prostitution outed in the escort industry

Today, everything is out in the open due to the Internet. However, in the past, many people were unaware that prostitution and escort services had a link. This remained true until the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980s. Due to the need for public health workers to stop the spread of this deadly disease, every aspect of sexuality needed to be out on the table.

Suddenly, escort services were exposed as deviating from their origins and were referred to as dens for high-class call girls. Sadly, the idea that these women were far more talented and intelligent than prostitutes was overlooked by the general public. It was also exposed at this time that escort services were no longer limited to male clients for female escorts. Instead, a man could hire a woman or man. In the year 2000, women became the clients with the options to hire a male or female escort.

Is today’s escort a prostitute?

With all of the variations in this profession’s history, it can be difficult to understand what someone in this trade might do today. In most of Europe, prostitution is still illegal. Despite this, other countries are finding that better public health outcomes happen when the laws are changed. What gets overlooked most often is the fact that an escort (or prostitute) has the power of saying, “no”.

While a prostitute is definitely being hired for sex, an escort’s first priority is showing up for dinner and a good conversation. In other words, if an escort decides to have sex with you, that is her legal choice. You can still ask to pay for upfront “extras” with an escort (such as a full body massage), but she may refuse to engage in sexual activity or other types of physical contact for money due to legal ramifications.

A rich history like this proves that there is more to an escort service than meets the eye and the future of this industry is likely to be fascinating as well.

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