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Having looked at the history of escorts and the what the the term evolved, talked you through the girlfriend experience and even given you a few general tips on how you can find an escort it felt like it was time to get a little specific. Too many websites and and guides exist today off the back of telling you how to do something without giving you an actual play by play of how to do it. General guides and present you with questions or puzzles you have to solve yourself is now how we do things there. Everything is done for you.

So, you want, you are visiting or living in Leeds and have made your mind up, you want to book Leeds escorts, what happens next?

Think through our earlier posts and what you have already read, the first questions you have to ask yourself:

Do you want to book an in or out call?

Lots of people will tell you that the first question you should ask yourself should be if you want to book through an agency or an independent escort, however, you will have much more scope for negotiation with an independent escort, especially if you have already met with the girl before. In calls are usually much less than outcalls, having a clear idea of what you want before you make the call will help you not only get the best deal but also get the most out of your experience.

What exactly you want from your experience?

This, after deciding on the venue is the most important thing to consider, some people want to enjoy some company and time spent with the opposite sex, some people want to enjoy the girlfriend experience and some are even looking for sex. Regardless of what you want you need to have a clear idea up front and this is something you need to make clear on the initial call with the escort or agency so that you can agree on the experience (if going independent) or you can make sure that the agency supplies you with a short-list of girls who are able to meet you requirements.

Do you want to book an independent escort or book through an agency?

The final area for consideration should be if you want to use an agency or independent escort. Consider the pros and cons of the two options from what you already know, price, intimacy and flexibility vs the pre screening and vetting process and professional approach are your main areas for consideration here.

In order to find the actual escort, be it independent or agency based its as simple as searching for “agency Leeds” or what ever other city you are located in for that matter! You will get a huge selection of providers and its just a matter of picking one. The better sites will allow you to pre vet the girls as they will have profiles and pictures which, providing they are available will allow you to pick someone who really fits in with both the look and type of personality that you are after.

If you have any questions or suggestions on the escort experience, especially if you are based in Leeds and especially if its your first experience please use the comments section below to post them up and we will, after vetting all comments for approval, try to help you with them.

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