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The social awkwardness of not having a partner

Looking for fun?

The Ultimate Vacation Experience

Welcome to Girlfriend Experience Leeds – the newest, most elite Girlfriend Experience extravaganza.  GFE Leeds is an elite social party and vacation service for discerning gentlemen who appreciate the finest that money can buy.  We introduce the most impressive models to powerful gentlemen of distinction at luxurious locations in Leeds.

The Girlfriend Experience Leeds prides itself on running  a professional, friendly, secure and intimate vacation experience with some of the most beautiful women  to be found in the UK.

The models that you will see on this site are real and all photos are  100% genuine.

Our models have beauty, grace, class and intelligence and they show confidence as well as a very friendly and accommodating demeanor.

Girlfriend Experience Leeds has carefully selected from the finest of Leedsn models. We offer the best Girlfriend Experience in all of  Leeds. Our luxury lodging, fine dining, outdoor activities and especially our girls are the crème de la crème of England!

We aim to provide you with more than just a sexy vacation – we want  you to have an experience that you will savor for a lifetime. Our staff at Girlfriend Experience Leeds are professionals and will carefullytailor a luxury vacation experience depending on your desires. Remote luxury homes, gourmet meals, fine wines, excellent liquors, jet skis, helicopters, private catamaran and fishing charters, private ATV and horseback riding tours, private DJ’s, exclusive parties – you name it  and it is yours.

You’ve worked hard to get to the top. Don’t you deserve the fantasy vacation that Girlfriend Experience Leeds can offer you?

The girlfriend experience

Hello Gentlemen.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my home on the web! Here I will try to give you of an impression of who I am. If you like what you see, I hope I will get to know you a little better too! My name is Janine I am a 26 year old girl from Leeds. I have lived in Leeds for a few years and love city life.

I enjoy the excitement of meeting new people and I like having fun while making other people happy. I like to share my passion for life with you and brighten things up with my positive attitude. I tend to be spontanious and very open-minded! I also feel right at home in a more serious setting being well-educated, with elegance, good manners and surprising maturity for my young age. I also provide a social companion service, an upscale girlfriend experienceLike you, I enjoy the luxury of romance and quality time. I treat a man as a Gentleman and enjoy being treated like a Lady. I can accompany you to diners, clubs, private residences, or social events. I look after high-profile buisinessmen, and genuine respectable guys who seek special attention. I treat a man as a Gentleman and enjoy being treated like a Lady.

Because of my freelance profession I do not have a 9-5 lifestyle, and no particular schedule by which I can or cannot meet. The longer in advance you contact me, the higher the chances are I can arrange for us to meet up. This is ideally 2-3 days upfront. Of course you can also contact me at short notice, I will always do my best to meet with you as I realise we all have busy lifestyles.

Please take a look at my “fees” page for my rates. I expect you can afford my compensation without a problem or you should not invite me. Romance and business do not go well together so I like to get this over with at the beginning of our time together so we can concentrate on more personal things.

I take pride in the fact that I do not drink excessively, or do drugs of any kind. I enjoy toasting to a good glass of wine with you to a pleasant night together. However, I do not tolerate the use of hard drugs in my company, and I am not interested in being offered any. If your plan for a great night out is to enjoy pharmaceuticals, you would be better off looking for a companion who shares those interests.

I offer time and companionship, providing you an enjoyable evening with a beautiful companion. Anything else that may or may not occur during that time is a matter of personal choice and preference between two or more consenting adults.

I am a high class exclusive lady. Hygiene is very important to me, if you are not sure if good hygiene applies to you, please don’t contact me. I do not have an age requirement or racial issues and am always very delighted by female or couple requests. I have to admit to having a weakspot for mature men though!

If you have a particular role you would like to me take on, then please share it with me as I am eager to fulfill your ultimate fantasy… I have a passionate, vivid imagination and enjoy taking on roles, from the strong-willed female executive to that secretary of yours that needs to be taught a lesson!

I love to be invited to the luxury of your hotel room or the comfort of your own home. I will always call you on your landline in case of a home visit or through your room phone when invited to a hotel. To keep my service upscale, I do not visit cheap convenience hotels. Fortunately, I can provide incalls in a very safe area of Leeds my property is a private detached house with safe parking its a luxury retreat which I will be happy to share with you.

I will always require confirmation before our date as I understand that we all have busy lifestyles so if it is an incall date, I’d require at least an hour’s confirmation. If it is for me to visit you then two hours’ notice for confirmation would be great, prior to our date! Please fill out the booking form and I will call you one day upfront so that we may be sure we are both happy to proceed with the appointment. If you wish to make an appointment by phone, remember I do not answer anonymous calls. You can also leave me a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to put them in you booking form. Questions already answered here will not get a reply.

How to find an escort

Our gracious escorts are hand chosen for their beauty, education, personality and knowledge of how to take care of a special man seeking fun and relaxation. You will have your own special suite at the adult travel villa that includes private bath. Imagine relaxing by the swimming pool sipping your favorite cocktail with several young and gorgeous women frolicking nearby.

We employ a very selective process for inviting girls to serve as hostesses at our adult travel resort, and most of them live full-time at our villa while they are in the United Kingdom. They come mainly from Eastern Europe, where sexual attitudes are much more open than they are in the UK. Many of them are models or students in their home countries, but all are of world-class beauty, ranging in age between 22 and 26. Additionally, they are heavily screened for charm, sophistication, attitude and accommodative behavior. You will feel as though you are spending a romantic or naughty holiday (your choice) with your girlfriend/mistress. Our goals are to make sure that you are in no way disappointed for any reason, and that you have a fun-filled and exciting adult travel sex vacation.

Welcome to Adult Escort Vacations

All-inclusive Adult Sex Vacations for Adults in the Beach front Villa,that is fully staffed by the most beautiful girls from Europe and Latin America, with 24hr-bar, master suites, a 5-star Chef, personal assistant and many activities to choose from.

When it comes to enjoying the most exciting adult exotic resort vacations, there’s no other place like Adult Escorts Resort. Visit our web-site and discover why our escorts services visitors are returning over and over again to our resort for their adult escort vacation needs.

Our escorts services packages include:

  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • All gourmet foods prepared by a 5 stars-chef
  • Open bar – 24 hours
  • The escort of your chooice for 4 days and 3 nights
  • VIP Lounge reception at the airport
  • Sea viewTop level accommodations in the beach
  • On site Staff to assist you 24 hours a day
  • Optimal activities in the island

Optional activities include fishing, golfing, diving, biking, buggies, horseback riding, boating, sailing, surfing, kite boarding, windsurfing, touring, and much more!

Book Leeds Escorts

Having looked at the history of escorts and the what the the term evolved, talked you through the girlfriend experience and even given you a few general tips on how you can find an escort it felt like it was time to get a little specific. Too many websites and and guides exist today off the back of telling you how to do something without giving you an actual play by play of how to do it. General guides and present you with questions or puzzles you have to solve yourself is now how we do things there. Everything is done for you.

So, you want, you are visiting or living in Leeds and have made your mind up, you want to book Leeds escorts, what happens next?

Think through our earlier posts and what you have already read, the first questions you have to ask yourself:

Do you want to book an in or out call?
Lots of people will tell you that the first question you should ask yourself should be if you want to book through an agency or an independent escort, however, you will have much more scope for negotiation with an independent escort, especially if you have already met with the girl before. In calls are usually much less than outcalls, having a clear idea of what you want before you make the call will help you not only get the best deal but also get the most out of your experience.

What exactly you want from your experience?
This, after deciding on the venue is the most important thing to consider, some people want to enjoy some company and time spent with the opposite sex, some people want to enjoy the girlfriend experience and some are even looking for sex. Regardless of what you want you need to have a clear idea up front and this is something you need to make clear on the initial call with the escort or agency so that you can agree on the experience (if going independent) or you can make sure that the agency supplies you with a short-list of girls who are able to meet you requirements.

Do you want to book an independent escort or book through an agency?
The final area for consideration should be if you want to use an agency or independent escort. Consider the pros and cons of the two options from what you already know, price, intimacy and flexibility vs the pre screening and vetting process and professional approach are your main areas for consideration here.

In order to find the actual escort, be it independent or agency based its as simple as searching for “agency Leeds” or what ever other city you are located in for that matter! You will get a huge selection of providers and its just a matter of picking one. The better sites will allow you to pre vet the girls as they will have profiles and pictures which, providing they are available will allow you to pick someone who really fits in with both the look and type of personality that you are after.

If you have any questions or suggestions on the escort experience, especially if you are based in Leeds and especially if its your first experience please use the comments section below to post them up and we will, after vetting all comments for approval, try to help you with them.

Perceptions of male and female escorts

Male escorts might not be as popular as female ones at 3am on a Friday after a night out but the reality is that they are growing in popularity.

For some reason, it seems woman are more able to talk about sex, escorts and their personal sexual preferences much more freely than males can. Its hard to pinpoint exactly when this liberation of female sexuality came about but it was long before Sex in the City came along so lets not allow any unjust credit to be stolen on that front.
In the same way female sex toys are seen as cool and can almost be talked about in a jovial manner, even in a fairly liberal workplace the male counterpart is still quite a taboo subject. While a single woman living on her own can safely talk of her vibrator a male would not be afforded the same luxury and if it was relieved that he owned a similar product he would most probably be branded a pervert!

While woman can go to a show and watch the Chippendales and its almost viewed as classy men that do to a strip club are still viewed as seedy and strip club fliers often have words like “gentlemen” and “discrete” on them to try and provide a little bit of a smoke and mirrors effect about the service that they offer.

Ultimately, sex and especially men talk about or seeking sex is still, quite often, seen as seedy or the men involved can quite easily be branded as perverts! Because the escort industry is closely linked to prostitution, rightly or wrongly, a certain amount of discretion is encouraged when interacting with escorts and this discretion works two ways.

The clients privacy is of the upmost importance, especially if an escort agency wants to keep them as a repeat customer. The main element of discretion, especially when operating in public sits with the escort. This is why a good escort:

Is a master of conversation in any situation
Is able to work with a cover story and take on a roll
Is able to adopt almost any personal as a personality
Looks great at any type of formal/informal/social gathering

Makes you feel comfortable

Is able to put you at ease the moment you meet.
At Star Escorts Leeds all of our girls are great, they are the best in the game and so good that after spending just a few minutes with one another you are able to create the impression, even to close friends and family, that you have known one another for years or even, have been in a relationship.

Leeds escort agency with a difference

So, the question on your lips is why Star Escorts Leeds is different to any other agency based in Leeds or perhaps different to any other escort agencies at all? The answer is simple.

We are, as far as we can see, the first escort agency to really embrace the web and social media to a truly seamless manner.

What does this mean?

We know that there is still, even in 2012, awkwardness or social stigma around people who use escorts and this often puts people off. For many it’s a fear of making the initial contact but once that contact and first visit has been arranged and they see how smoothly things run there is never any hesitations about making a second appointment.

In order to help more people make contact and enable you to enjoy our services we are making all of ourselves fully contactable online and through as many web 2.0 properties as possible. You can contact us on twitter with an @ mention or follow us, we will follow you back and you can contact us using a direct message.

We have an email form that you can use to make enquiries and soon this website will be fully capable of taking bookings online. Hopefully this move will, coupled up with the fact we are on Linkedin and soon to be on both Instagram and Facebook make booking, especially your first experience even more discrete than you could imagine.
This fits in with our overall proposition which is to get you the same excellent quality service that you will expect but also to be discrete and, while our competitors say they are discrete, we have based our whole business model around this discretion! To go the extra mile and prove this we do not simply answer the phone wanting your credit card numbers or have a web form which you can key some numbers into, we are happy to discuss your needs and special arrangements you might have and also to address any concerns that you might have about our service.

So, you can contact us:

  • Online,
  • Over the phone.
  • Via twitter.

Other forms of contact are coming soon, we will answer text messages and replies usually come in minutes not hours. We are open 24 hours a day – if you are sat on the fence, unsure if our service is for you or have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss then just make contact and we will address them for you. There will be no pressure and we wont save your number or any other of your details.
We have done all we can to make our service as classy and discrete as possible and, as you will know if you have browsed around this site, our girls know your area and the best places to go so, having read all this, everything is now on you to make that initial contact and then enjoy yourself!

Skyla could show you around!

Skyla would love to show you around in Leeds, I am sure that after watching the video above you will see that an escort service is not just a provider of sorid woman who will meet you in seedy locations escorts are nice, respectable and well mannered girls who know Leeds and are able to show you around using local knowledge!

Get in touch today, Skyla would love to hear from you!